Thursday, September 3, 2009

August Mileage, Fitness Survey

Total mileage for August was 436.4 miles, which is down about 100 miles from July. I'm surprised I got that many miles in, to be honest. August was a rough month, and I'm just now starting to feel like my old self.

Today I got out for about 23 miles in windy but very nice temperatures. The ride turned out to serve as an indicator for my current fitness although it didn't start out that way. The summary:
  • Overall I feel my top end aerobic and anaerobic fitness is down 10-20% from a high in June. Holding a tempo pace (HR of 165-175) is extremely comfortable and will move me along at about 25 mph, I feel like I could keep this pace up for quite a while. Short spurts up hills that drive my HR slightly higher do not require a huge recovery afterwards.
  • Coming back into town I faced a wicked 20 mph headwind while climbing up Lake Wheeler Rd. This reduced my pace to about 15-16 mph, which felt pretty pathetic. What does this mean? My ability to ride at slightly over threshold is way, way down from where it was. The Lactic Acid built up in my legs very rapidly, and was not cleared very quickly.
  • The above indicates that I need to return to base/zone 2 aerobic work and rebuild some of my low level aerobic fitness. This is good, since I will be returning to doing base soon anyway, and indicates that I am mostly on track as far as an annual training plan goes.
On Penny Rd, about a half mile before the Lake Wheeler intersection, I was passed by a car as I took a sip from my bottle. I looked down as I returned the bottle to its cage. When I returned by gaze to the road in front of me, there was a deer standing across the centerline about 50 feet away. I said some choice expletives, grabbed the brakes for a half second then dove left, aft of the deer. It suddenly noticed me and bolted, fortunately in the direction it was already pointing, losing traction on all 4 hooves in the process. It was kind of funny to watch it skitter off the road. It just reinforces that letting your attention wander for even a second can be fatal, even on a seemingly empty, flat, smooth stretch of road.

Tomorrow, a solo ride. Saturday, probably the CSH ride. Sunday, the Centennial training crit. Monday, probably more riding.

On an only tangentially-related note, a friend and me have been toying around with different novel configurations of vehicles for a while. We both abhor the dynamic idiocy that is inherent to 4 wheeled vehicles, but at the same time are leary of the dangers of motorcycles. He stumbled on this website recently, which frankly is the most brilliant and ingenious solution to the vehicle dynamics problem I have ever seen. I'm still kind of in awe of how elegant his solution is.

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