Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Rides

Yesterday (Christmas Eve) I got out for a very enjoyable 34 miles in z2/z3.

Dist: 34.3 mi
Avg. Speed: 19.1 mph
Duration: 1:48

I rode shortly after lunch so didn't eat anything for the entire ride.  Felt good the entire ride.


Dist: 48.3 mi
Avg. Speed: 18.3
Duration: 2:38

Again started the ride shortly after lunch - I've found this makes the ride a lot more pleasant.  This ride was entirely z2 except for some hill climbing.  It was kinda surreal riding in the middle of "winter" in shorts and a jersey.  I downed a PowerBar of the nut variety at about mile 20, and that combined with an entire bottle of gotorade mix got me through the entire ride without bonking.

The extra 14 miles compared to yesterday's ride made a big difference in how I felt at the end.  

Merry Christmas!

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