Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Distance: 50.6 miles
Average speed: 18.5 mph
duration: 3 hours

Today was a beautiful day, with a high near 60 degrees, so I got out on a new route that goes kinda south of Hagan Stone park.  I had found the cue sheet online, and mapped out the route according to that on, to make sure all the turns were correct (there's nothing I hate worse than getting lost).  I found a couple of errors when I did this, so made my own cue sheet.  

Anyway, I predictably missed my first turn on NC-22 / Appomattox, so added a few miles going back to it.  Other than that it was a pretty uneventful and very pleasant ride, other than the slight, but very consistent headwind that got a bit wearing after a while.  Traffic was very light, even coming back on a different section of NC-22 around where the Tour de Lions ride usually starts (Grey's Chapel).

This is the longest I've spent on a bike continuously in quite a while, and by the time I was done my rear end was very sore.  Again, I didn't eat enough, or really well, especially torwards the end of the ride when I *thought* I knew where I was.

This is also the first ride in a while where I definitely felt like I pushed myself past my comfort level - I was very ready to get off the bike at the end of the ride, where on 40 milers I'm still pretty comfortable at the end of the ride.  It makes me think I should push this hard more often: I'll get better faster, right?

Tomorrow I've got the "Burn the Turkey" post-Thanksgiving ride planned, and am aiming to do the 52 mile route.  I'll see how I feel in the morning though - I might scale it back a little.  

What am I thankful for?  

Today, I'm thankful that rides have both a beginning and an end.
Family to visit.
Bikes of all types
The Internet
Good roads

Those are the top ones that come to mind currently.

Enjoy the Turkey

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