Saturday, November 15, 2008

Power Testing and Fixed Gears

Today the NCSU cycling club set up a power testing session in conjunction with our coach.  

Short story:  3 miles, ~8 minutes on a stationary trainer.
Average power: 255 watts
Max. power: ~530 watts for the last ten seconds or so.

It's amazing how that can take it out of you.  I'm completely beat tonight.

For comparison, a horsepower is 746 watts.

In other news, today I got some of the last few parts needed for my fixed gear: lower headset race, half-link for the chain, a fork that fits, and some catridge brake shoes.  All that's needed now is a seatpost that fits, and I'll get that tomorrow from 1304 bikes.

So once I got both wheels on the bike I realized holy cow, this is a big frame...  Negative standover height. :-(  So I guess I'll continue hunting for another fixed gear frame.  The good thing about this hobby/addiction is you can flip parts you don't need pretty easily, so you're not really taking a loss on most parts, the exception being brand-new really high end components.

I took the bike for a short, slow spin around the parking lot with no saddle, just to get a feel.  Initial impression is very positive: good handling, quite snappy, and even with my slightly excessive chain slack, smooth pedalling.  Makes me happy.  Really looking forward to getting this bike set up as a "daily driver" instead of my god-awful heavy commuter.  Initial weight estimate is 16 lbs or so.

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